“Corporate Golf Reinvented”

A Dream Tool for Your Business

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Welcome to Montreal Executive Golf

We are proud to present a world premiere. An intelligent golf concept. A dream tool, made for businesses, where the corporate golf experience has been reinvented.

The Closest, Period.

A few minutes from downtown, your offices, important navigational axes, the new Champlain Bridge and three stations of the future electric train, the exceptional location of Montreal Executive Golf will make you almost completely avoid the reality of traffic in our city.

Time, Precious Time.

Every second counts. Our nine-hole golf course can be played in under two hours. That’s perfect for business people with a busy schedule.

In the same manner, a driving range with lights on in the evening offers an extended schedule for those who cannot free themselves from the office during the day.

Enjoy and profit from a new approach for company events and business meetings. Brilliant.

And these meetings will never be cancelled due to rain, because the driving range is covered by a giant roof. Playing golf with a client can happen at any time thanks to this protection against the changing climate. We’re asking ourselves why this isn’t already the norm.

And All of This Continues Over Winter

At Montreal Executive Golf, the golf season spans twelve months thanks to multiple private lodges, equipped with virtual golf simulators. Trackman, the most advanced system of golf radar and analytic technology, helps accelerate the learning and improving process. The builders and creators of wealth in Quebec will have the pleasure to play golf and improve their game with clients 365 days a year.

A Golf Club Specialized in the Corporate Experience

The facilities of this unique golf concept also consist of a spectacular lounge and a large multipurpose room to organize tournaments and events, without the risk of cancellation due to rain.

Luxurious, custom-built, private lodges are also accessible for organizations wishing to entertain their clients with a concept that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Finally, an extraordinary large practice area (multiple acres of grass consisting of 23,000 square feet of practice greens, starting boxes, sand traps and a long distance grass driving range) encourage a new approach to team-building activities and golf events of a new genre.

A Dream Tool

The golf course, fast and efficient, is one of the most beautiful nine-hole courses in the world. This ecological sanctuary and its spectacular views of downtown Montreal, will stay forever engraved in the memory of your guests.

With its breathtaking architecture and world-class facilities, Montreal Executive Golf offers a completely unique experience for companies and their partners. All year and at all times, network with the creators of wealth in Quebec and offer your organization a high-end and personalized service.

Places are limited and the 365-day subscriptions are available for corporate clients and individual clients. Depending on the subscription chosen, one or more subscribers may use the facilities, invite guests, organize events and be part of an elite business community by joining this remarkably innovative concept.

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The Closest, Period.

The Fastest

The Brightest

The Most Practical

And Winter? S’no Problem

Corporate Golf Reinvented

Built for Business


Golf At Your Own Rhythm

A Dream Tool

An Experience Unique in the World

Timelapse video showing the construction

“Corporate Golf Reinvented”

Dear business people of Quebec,

We are proud to inform you
that we have just completed the construction
of a dream corporate experience.

It will be our great honour to welcome you for a tour and presentation
of this world premiere developed for business.
Communicate with us to reserve an exclusive visit and come
discover how we have reinvented corporate golf.

Places are limited.

365 Day Packages: Corporate starting at $25,000 and Personal starting at $9,999 (+taxes)

999 Boulevard de la Forêt, Île des Soeurs, Montréal, QC, H3E 1X9
(514) 767-1855 info@golfexecutifmontreal.com


Book Your Personalized Tour

We will contact you shortly to set up your personalized tour.