The safety of our clients and team members has always been our top priority at Golf Exécutif Montreal. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we are taking it even more seriously than ever.

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Interested to join for 2021?

In order to access the practice facilities of Le P’tit Golf, you need to purchase a season pass. It will allow you to access our clubhouse for a period of 365 days. Therefor, all Le P’tit Golf pass holders also get access to our Trackman simulators during the winter!

Reinvented Golf Tournaments – Team Building Sessions 
Outings with Friends or Colleagues – Individual or Group Lessons

We have created a dream practice area – a location unique in Québec where you can practice all of your shots. Practice with your driver and switch to your putter in a matter of seconds. This humungous space offers you conditions and situations of play just like a real course. Le P’tit Golf is more than just a practice field, it’s an enchanting setting, 360 degrees in nature. Whether you want to perfect your swing without any pressure, or participate in fun parties with friends or team bonding sessions with colleagues, there is something for everyone! With beverages and food on site, practicing golf has never been so enjoyable!

Not ready to play ondisplay thisyet? We offer packages that are perfect for beginners, those who wish to put all their focus on practice or for those who want to participate in a fun activity.

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$999+tx / individual

As defined in the pertinent contract.



Events for Small, Medium or Large Groups
The Perfect Combination of Fun and Learning

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

5+ Hours

General Instruction

One golf professional teaches your group various techniques associated with the practice stations of your choice.

Personalized Instruction

Multiple golf professionals teach your group and each participant is assessed individually.

Five Practice Stations to Practice all of Your Moves

Station 1 – Long game

Station 2 – Short game from the fairway

Station 3 – Short game from the rough

Station 4 – Sand traps

Station 5 – Putting


Have an idea of your own? We can work together to offer you a fully personalized custom event on display this Contact us and our team will assist you!


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– In Numbers –

For the Long Game
For the Short Game

Custom Lesson Packages – Take Your Game to the Next Level

Introduction to Golf

$660 $560 / package
  • (3x) 1 hour lessons focussed on the long game fundamentals
  • (3x) 1 hour lessons focussed on the short game fundamentals
  • (1x) 9-hole round with a professional
  • 15% off a Titleist fitting session

Year-Long Improvement

$810 $690 / package
  • (3x) 1 hour lesson at display this or display this
  • (3x) 1 hour lesson with our Trackman simulators
  • 3 hours of play in our Trackman Simulators
  • 3 hours of practice at display this
  • 10% off any additional indoor and outdoor lessons
  • 15% off a Titleist fitting session

Long Game Masterclass

$425 $375 / package
  • (2x) 1 hour lesson focussed on the driver and woods
  • (2x) 1 hour lesson focussed on irons and hybrids
  • 1 hour lesson focussed on playing from different lies: slopes, rough, fairway bunkers, etc.
  • 45 min lesson with Trackman - Accurately measure your distances for every club in your bag
  • 15% off a Titleist fitting session

Short Game Masterclass

$425 $375 / package
  • (3x) 1 hour lessons focussed on the different techniques to use around the greens
  • 1 hour lesson focussed on putting: Develop a consistent stroke, distance control and green reading techniques
  • 45 min lesson with Trackman - Learn how to accurately control your distance with wedges inside 100 yards
  • 15% off a Titleist fitting session

Basic Pricing for Lessons


CPGA – 95$*/lesson

PESQ – 80$*/lesson

Contact us to reserve your lesson on display this!

Customers and their guests must be dressed in golf attire, business casual or refined sportswear.