Interested to join for 2022?

In order to access the practice facilities of Le Range, you need to purchase a season pass. It will allow you to access our clubhouse for a period of 365 days. Therefor, all Le Range pass holders also get access to our Trackman simulators during the winter!

Lit at Night – Protection Against Bad Weather
A Terrace With an Incomparable Atmosphere – Learn With Lessons

Come discover our practice facilities that are unique in the world. Enjoy a covered practice area so that you do not have to worry about the weather anymore. The Range, lit until 11 PM, will allow you to practice your favourite sport even after sunset. Being adjacent to the main lounge, you will experience an incomparable atmosphere. You can have a drink, enjoy a bite eat while improving your swing. Come in a group; a hitting bay can be shared by 4 players! You can take a break and enjoy our beautiful terrace. A must for your next outings!​ 

Not ready to play ondisplay thisyet? We offer packages that are perfect for beginners, those who wish to put all their focus on practice or for those who want to participate in a fun activity.

Customers and their guests must be dressed in golf attire, business casual or refined sportswear.

Photo of the clubhouse taken by Stéphane Brügger.