The safety of our clients and team members has always been our top priority at Golf Exécutif Montreal. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we are taking it even more seriously than ever. 

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“The jury rewarded the project for its eloquent simplicity, the balance of its proportions and its controlled lighting, day and night.”


Do I have to be a member to play golf?

At Golf Exécutif Montréal, there are no members, but rather season passholders.

You need a valid season pass to access the 9-hole golf course and our practice areas Le P'tit Golf and Le Range, unless you are a guest invited by a season passholder.

What are your hours of operation?

Our current hours of operations for the moment are the following:

Monday - Sunday: 8 AM to 8 PM

How long does it take to play the course?

The beautiful thing about our 9-hole golf course is that it can be played in under two hours (average time is about 2 hours)!

Perfect for those of us who are busy!

Do you have rentals available?

We have many rental bags, all containing a full set of Titleist golf clubs.

Our partnership with Titleist ensures the best quality clubs!

Do you sell golf equipment?

Yes! We exclusively sell Titleist golf clubs.

You can book a fitting with one of our golf professionals and order a new set of golf clubs perfectly tailored to your swing.

Are there any golf leagues?

Our spring and summer leagues are currently being developed.

Contact us at for more information about our upcoming leagues or to propose your ideas!

Do you offer golf lessons?

Absolutely! We offer outdoor lessons (on Le Range or Le P'tit Golf) when weather permits and indoor lessons (in Le Digital), all year long.

How do I get to the golf course?

Visit our Contact Us page to view a map and directions on how to get to the golf course.

What is the dress code?

Customers and their guests must be dressed in golf attire, business casual or refined sportswear.

Are children allowed?

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when at Golf Exécutif Montréal.

Can I host an event here?

Anybody can request to host an event in Le Lounge, on Le Range, on Le P'tit Golf, in Le Digital or in La Loge, however every event request must be approved by the Golf Exécutif Montréal team.

Can I bring guests?

Season passholders of the golf course have the right to bring guests on the golf course based on the conditions of their current valid season pass.

Everyone has the right to bring guests to Le Lounge, Le Range and to Le Digital based on availability.

Do you have parking?

We have a large parking lot that can accommodate up to 200 cars.

Are there showers?


Why is the food plant-based?

Our food is plant-based for the benefit of the environment, animals, human health and our collective future.

Is there service for beverages and food while players are on the course?

Yes! We have a canteen cart doing rounds on the course throughout the day.

You may also place an order at any time during your round and we will deliver it to you on the course.

Is it possible to open a tab or an account for the bar?

Frequent guests may apply to create a bar tab and set up an easy-pay account with us.

What is the course alcohol policy?

Our alcohol permit allows you to enjoy your alcoholic beverages while playing on the golf course with your friends.

Drinks purchased outside of Golf Exécutif Montréal are strictly forbidden anywhere on our premises.

Are gift certificates or gift cards available?

They will be soon! Contact us at to inquire about their availability.

Can I access the clubhouse and its facilities if I do not have a season pass for golf facilities?


Is the restaurant open during the off-season?

Here at Golf Exécutif Montréal, we have no off season! Le Lounge and our virtual golf simulators are opened all year round!

Are there any employment opportunities?

We are always looking to hire new team members.

If you are interested in applying for a position, send us your CV at

If you have any other questions that were not addressed above, please contact us at or at 514-767-1855 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Photo of the clubhouse taken by Stéphane Brügger. | The quote above was translated by Golf Exécutif Montréal.